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FLIR Security Camera Features for Small Business

July 20, 2018

To build a successful business takes time, perseverance, and hard work. But what’s the point if your company is not secured and vulnerable to threats? A business owner must have a peace of mind when it comes to security. With high-performance security cameras by FLIR, you can secure your business, whether it’s a small shop […]

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Cox Communications vs Verizon FiOS in 2020

July 20, 2018

Fios vs Cox in 2019.  Many people are left to choose Cox Communications and Verizon FiOS. They are both primary Phone, Internet, and TV providers, but the choice is difficult because there’s a decent amount of overlap in their services. FiOS offers a more premium service, their network is 100% fiber, but comes at a […]

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5 Key Features to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Phone System

July 20, 2018

Old telephone lines are history because, with today’s digital technology, you can opt for a VoIP phone system that is more flexible and comes with many other features. Many businesses (and even households) have decided that their traditional phone systems are obsolete, so the telephone industry kept following their change in needs. With a VoIP […]

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Cat5E vs Cat6 Network Cables: What’s the Difference?

July 16, 2018

An Internet connection is something we can’t imagine living without because we use for everything from getting information to booking a flight to ordering food. And if you like online gaming, a fast and stable Internet connection is a must-have. Even though your Internet speed depends on the package you bought from your provider, it […]

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Benefits of Fax to Email

June 7, 2018

Traditional fax transmissions were once the only way to send or receive written communication fast. You only needed a fax machine to receive and print out a document obtained from thousands of miles away. However, things have changed since the Internet came into our lives. Companies have entirely replaced fax transmissions with the email exchange. […]

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Auto Attendant Employee Debrief

4 Tips for Auto Attendant Best Practices

May 19, 2017

An auto attendant is a widely popular business tool that introduces the company and directs callers to the appropriate extension without speaking with a receptionist. Auto attendant best practices are important to keep in mind – clarity, brevity, and ease of use. This useful business tool helps reflect an air of professionalism, something paramount when making a […]

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