KX-TA271 EIA-Remote Pgm for KX-TD816-1232

This manual describes how to use the KX-A271 software package which is used to assist in programming the Digital Super Hybrid Systems (abbreviated to “DSHS” in this manual) KX-TD1232 and KX-TD8 16. The KXA271 enables you to confirm, change, load and save the System Data. It can also diagnose DSHS lines and cards, and edit files in a floppy disk (FD) or a hard disk (HD) in which the System Data is stored. For -7D1232, this version is applicable to ROM version PO1 IJ and ROM versions from PO1 1N. However, the Batch files of inapplicable ROM versions can be saved in PC and they am converted to the new version automatically. The converted version can be loaded into the DSHS of applicable ROM versions.

KX-TA271 EIA-Remote Pgm for KX-TD816-1232

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