Picking the Best Phone System for Seamless Patient Interactions in Southern New England 

Choosing the Best Phone System for Dental Offices

It can be difficult to keep up with patient expectations when it comes to communication and the availability of information. Dental offices are transitioning into more sophisticated communication systems to cater to patient needs efficiently whether that’s texted appointment confirmations, automatic appointment notes, or electronic prescriptions. Below you’ll discover the tools and strategies to find the best phone systems for dental offices and why now may be the best time to make the upgrade.  

Modern Dental Communication Needs 

Dental offices face the challenge of managing calls, appointments, and inquiries from a growing list of patients. Meeting these demands while adhering to stringent privacy regulations that any medical provider must adhere to can be challenging. The right tools make all the difference.  

For a dental office, reliable communication means more than just answering calls. It means getting important information to people quickly and delivering exceptional patient care at every interaction.  

Phone Systems: The Best Phone System for Dental Office 

There are three main types of phone systems your dental office can use. They are traditional PBX systems, cloud-based VoIP phone system, and hybrid phone systems.  

Traditional PBX Systems  

Many dental offices still use PBX systems or typical phones requiring physical cabling to work correctly. They are still a popular option because they are very stable in terms of call quality and uptime. Traditional phone systems are being phased out due to their outdated hardware. On a global scale, 63 percent of new businesses are choosing VoIP phones to communicate. Another 24 percent say they’re planning to switch to a VoIP phone system. 

Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Systems  

VoIP systems use your dental office’s internet connection to make calls and complete other important tasks. Eighty-two percent of small and medium businesses report reduced costs after adopting cloud-based tech. Cloud-based VoIP systems are attractive because several advanced features make it easier for teams to do their jobs, like call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and video conferencing. VoIP providers also have solutions for mobile devices to support remote staff wherever they are.   

Hybrid Phone Systems  

Hybrid systems blend traditional and modern technologies. This option is excellent if your team needs more time to acclimate to a new phone system. Hybrid phone systems allow teams to gradually transition to VoIP with a system that supports legacy calling technology like PBX systems and IP-based calling using SIP technology. 

Must-Have Features of Dental Office Phone Systems  

Phone systems come with so many features that can help increase efficiency and productivity for your team. Here are some of the best features you’ll want to ensure your new phone system has: 

Automated Attendant   

Implementing an automated attendant ensures quick and efficient call routing. It automatically directs patients to the appropriate department or staff member, which reduces wait times and enhances the customer experience. Auto attendants can improve customer satisfaction by offering 24/7 answering, basic information, and self-service options. A survey found that 40 percent of customers prefer self-service human contact for their future contact with companies. 

Call Forwarding   

Call forwarding features enable calls to be routed to designated numbers or extensions, ensuring that crucial calls are never missed, even if staff members are away from their desks.  

Voicemail to Email   

The voicemail-to-email feature converts voicemails into text format and delivers them to staff email inboxes to make returning calls easier.  

Call Recording for Quality Assurance and Training Purposes  

Call recording can help your team ensure compliance, train staff, and maintain service quality. Supervisors and team members can review calls and discover opportunities for improvement quickly.   

Caller ID for Patients  

This feature displays caller information, which allows staff to identify patients promptly and provide personalized patient services.  

Custom Greetings   

Custom greetings enable dental offices to create personalized messages for different times of the day or specific departments to deliver a professional and welcoming experience to callers.  

Appointment Reminders   

Automatic appointment reminders via phone, text, or email significantly reduce the number of missed appointments and contribute to improved patient satisfaction.  

HIPAA Compliance in Dental Office Phone Systems  

Adherence to HIPAA regulations is a priority for every dental practice to protect patient information and maintain confidentiality.  Dental offices can implement phone systems that comply with HIPAA standards. These solutions ensure encryption, secure transmission of patient data, and adherence to stringent privacy requirements.   

Rhode Island Telephone Is Here for You  

Choosing the best phone system for dental offices doesn’t have to be complicated. Understanding your team, patients, and practice can help you select the best phone system. 

Rhode Island Telephone is here to help you in the process. We offer a full suite of communication solutions, lifetime warranties, and 24/7 access to service technicians to ensure uninterrupted support. Our quotes are free! Contact us to get started today.  

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