Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance 

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Break-ins, home invasions, and business smash-and-grabs are unpredictable. According to data from Statista, burglaries affect a significant portion of the U.S. population. While a common misconception may be that burglaries happen at night with a stealthy thief dropping through a hole in the roof, burglary crimes often occur during the day too.  

Criminal patterns are changing because of the internet’s impact on society, and the same is true of cloud-based video surveillance systems, which combine all the qualities of a traditional video surveillance system with the precision, instant-alert system, and data backup capabilities powered by cloud-based technology.  

Gamechanger Cloud-Based Surveillance Systems  

A cloud-based video surveillance system is similar to any video surveillance system that you may be used to. There are noticeable cameras strategically placed around the place of business. However, this is where the cloud-based aspect really wins the race. Older systems tend to be wired and offer grainy images. A cloud-based system opens the door to convenience and simplicity.  

Cloud-based video surveillance systems are game-changers in business protection efforts because they have instant capacities that old systems did not. They improve video surveillance in the following ways:   

  • By eliminating the need for local recorders and servers, reducing the cost and demand of IT maintenance.  
  • By reducing redundancy and ensuring there are fewer network disruptions in the surveillance service.  
  • Backing up data with off-site servers.  

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Surveillance Systems  

The technology of cloud-based video surveillance systems cohesively makes possible a list of often overlooked benefits for the business team who installs them. Below, we’ll examine the core benefits when you adopt a cloud-based surveillance system for your business. 

1. Remote Access to Footage 

Modern cloud-based video surveillance systems have a high-resolution view that far exceeds the capacity of the days of grainy CCTV footage. This footage is available to you through your mobile app and allows you to monitor your business from near and far.  

2. Natural Deterrent   

Do you remember being in school and having the teacher step out of the room? There were probably one or two students who took that opportunity to break a rule or two. Just the presence of a surveillance system has the same effect as your teacher being in the room. Criminals who know you have a surveillance system may think twice about their crimes against you.  

3. Flexibility 

The great news about a cloud-based video surveillance system is that it can work off WIFI. This gives you flexibility regarding where to place your cameras. It also makes scaling your system easy. No extra wiring or technician visits are necessary for the system to work.  

4. Save Lives and Money with Real-Time Notifications  

A cloud-based video surveillance system is a great tool for instant action. Due to the internet-based nature of the system, it can notify you instantly when there is motion inside the business. This real-time notification gives you the opportunity to alert the authorities if needed.  

5. Real Insurance Savings  

Proving the cause of a claim can save you money on insurance each year. With the real-time capacity of cloud-based video surveillance systems, businesses can have footage to show their insurance provider if needed. Insurance adjusters call video surveillance assisted insurance claims remote claims. On the insurance end of the pool, providers say that remote claims outpace claims based on still-framed photos and increase insurance customer satisfaction.

Partner with Rhode Island Telephone to Protect Lives and Assets  

Rhode Island Telephone has your back when you need to make challenging business communications and security decisions. When partnering with Rhode Island Telephone, you get the following comprehensive video security features:  

  • Remote access allows you to monitor your site from afar.   
  • Motion detection recording will enable you to record strange activity around your premises.  
  • Facial recognition features to help you ID suspicious people at your location.  
  • Intelligent tracking that follows humans and vehicles moving through your camera’s zone.  

We understand that choosing a system that could save your employees’ lives and prevent the critical loss of all the assets of the business you have sacrificed a lifetime building is a huge decision. Reach out to us today if you are ready for us to help you protect the people and the business achievements that you care the most about.  

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