How to Conference Call on an Avaya Phone

How to conference call on an avaya phone

Knowing how to conference call on an Avaya phone can help you in so many ways.

Imagine that a great idea strikes you while you’re in the middle of a conversation with one of your employees and you really need someone else to jump in to keep the brainstorming going. Or maybe you’re on the phone with one of your clients and they need to discuss something with one of your colleagues from another department. Knowing how to conference call on an Avaya phone can improve the productivity of your business. If you haven’t used this feature before, we can show you how!

How To Conference Call on An Avaya Phone

Please note your Avaya phone needs to be in basic mode. If you don’t know what mode your phone is in, then you should check with your telecommunications provider or support staff to assist you.

You can have up to three parties on a conference call. Either yourself in the office and two external parties, or two individuals in the office with one external party.

Locate the conference call button on your phone. Some phones have the conference logo below the button, and other phones have a button with an image of three handsets, like in our video example below.

When you’re on the phone (you’ve either received the call or made the call), to add another individual:

  • Press the conference call button.
  • Dial the extension of the internal individual you wish to add to the call or dial the phone number of the external individual you wish to add to the call.
  • Wait for them to pick up the receiver.
  • Press the conference call button again.
  • All parties will be placed into the conference call.

Conference calling on your Avaya phone is only one of the great features it offers. If you have questions about your Avaya phone or need help making system changes, please reach out to Rhode Island Telephone. You can also find more information about your phone system on our Avaya manuals page.

Video Tutorial for How to Conference Call on an Avaya Phone

Carlos walks you through the steps for utilizing the conference call feature on your Avaya phone.

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