Insurance Benefits of a Security Camera System

woman installing security camera: insurance benefits of a security camera systemHaving a security camera system installed in your home or business premises can keep your property safe. In addition to safety (which is, of course, the primary and most important concern), there are also insurance benefits of a security camera system

Today’s insurance providers often offer insurance rates at a discount when surveillance equipment is installed at your business. This means you may reduce your insurance premiums when you invest in security measures. How? We’ve compiled information you need to think about if you want to reap the insurance benefits of a security camera system. 

Do Security Camera Systems Reduce Insurance Costs?

The answer could be both Yes or No because it depends on multiple factors, such as the insurance company you choose, your security camera type, as well as your alarm system. What an insurer would like to see is a well-integrated and carefully planned security system. As for the cameras, most of them demand that they should be connected to a central alarm system with non-stop monitoring so that the operators can make an immediate report in the event of emergencies.

With that kind of unified security system in place, your home or business will qualify for an insurance discount.

Why Does a Security Camera System Reduce Insurance?

Like with any other business, the insurers won’t make a deal that doesn’t bring profit. They will offer an insurance discount for a security camera system if it favors their interest.

According to SafeGuardTheWorld, homes that are unprotected by a security system are 300 times more likely to be broken into. A professional security system will significantly reduce the risk of thefts and break-ins. That also explains why insurers would offer home insurance discounts for security camera systems – the fewer homeowner claims, the higher their profits.

Video – The Best Court Case Evidence

In the instance that you do experience a burglary, having a video recording of what happened is the best evidence for proving that you were robbed and for solving the crime. It’s the best tool in the courtroom and among the most convincing reasons for installing a professional security camera system. Otherwise, if something gets stolen, there is little resource for finding out who perpetrated the crime.

Avoiding Frivolous Lawsuits

Let’s say that one of your employees decided to fake a slip-and-fall injury. What happens next is that they file a lawsuit against your business, requiring compensation. Companies do have slip-and-fall insurances, so in case a real incident occurs, it will cover the expenses. However, a faked incident is a crime and security cameras are excellent deterrents against them. Lawsuits can also come from harassment claims or physical fights between staff members. Having cameras around your business premises are integral for false-claim protection.

Features to Look for in a Business Surveillance System

The more advanced your security system, the more effective it will be in protecting you. Make sure to check with your insurance provider to determine if there are features they require. Here are just a few of the more advanced features you can find in a security system:

  • Facial recognition
  • Night vision
  • Tracking features
  • Remote access
  • Live streaming
  • Motion detection

Insurance Benefits of a Security Camera System

These are the insurance benefits of having a security camera system. Many insurers offer insurance discounts for those who invested in security monitoring devices and systems. So, don’t wait anymore and consider installing the right networked devices and IP cameras for your home or business. IP security cameras can be accessed remotely for users to get a live stream video via the internet or Local Area Network (LAN).

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