DBS 576 _ 576 HD Section 750 Key Phone User Guide Ver 5-0

The Key Telephone User Guide is for anyone who uses a Panasonic 44-Series digital telephone in conjunction with the Panasonic DBS 576. The DBS 576 and DBS 576HD are telephone systems that provides you with a powerful set of features for handling calls. This manual provides an overview of the following digital phones and offers detailed information about using the features provided by the DBS 576 and DBS 576HD: • VB-44210A – 16 key standard phone • VB-44220A – 22 key standard phone • VB-44223A – 22 key small-display speakerphone • VB-44224 – 22 key small-display speakerphone (voice recognition compatible) • VB-44225 – 22 key large-display speakerphone • VB-44230 – 34 key standard phone • VB-44233 – 34 key small-display speakerphone.

DBS 576 _ 576 HD Section 750 Key Phone User Guide Ver 5-0

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