The Ultimate Business Phone System Guide for Restaurants

Best Phone System For Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide

Does the prospect of deepening your business communications knowledge feel overwhelming? You have not even considered upgrading your phone system for more than 15 years, when your last update was installed. Since then, a ton has changed in the world of business telecommunications. Fear not. This guide will help you understand the best phone system for restaurants and how it will increase customer satisfaction. A report from SEMrush states that word-of-mouth is even more effective than paid ads, resulting in 5x more sales. It’s time to let those worries drift away about a new communications system and begin to see the potential for your business. 

What is a VoIP Phone System? 

A VoIP phone system, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows calls, faxes, videos, and chat to be sent and received via your internet connection. Using high-speed internet to send and receive telecommunication data has created a more stable and resilient user experience. 

The introduction of VoIP for business communication has allowed for realizing efficiencies in how people collaborate. Cutting down on the number of communication channels leaves employees and customers with better overall interactions. It is the best phone system for restaurants by far. 

Why is VoIP Important for Restaurants? 

Customers demand an enhanced experience when working with any business in the hospitality sector. Fair or not, businesses, especially restaurants catering to special occasions or events, get the brunt of frustration if everything does not go exactly as planned. According to a Salesforce report, after more than one bad experience, 80 percent of customers will go elsewhere. VoIP is important because it helps customers feel like they are getting the right info at the right time in the method they need. Calling, emailing, or even responding to a social media post can all save or hurt a relationship if there are delays. 

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Restaurants 

On any given night, you have the customer experience in your hands. Imagine this scenario: Someone made a reservation three weeks ago and plans to propose to their significant other. In the VoIP phone system, you have reservation reminders that text the person in predefined intervals, three days out, then 24 hours; this is a giant weight off their shoulders, knowing they are set for the venue. So, the only nerve-wracking part is popping the question and waiting for the answer. Now that the stage is set, here are more reasons VoIP is the best phone system for restaurants. 

Lower Phone Costs 

By standardizing information delivery, you can dramatically reduce your costs. In most cases, you can save as much as 30 to 50 percent on your communication costs. Given the competitive pricing and margins in the restaurant business, those cost savings have an even more significant impact. 

Don’t think the lower costs mean fewer or inadequate features; that is untrue. Take a look at just some of the features you’ll be getting. 

Better Customer Experience 

A significant advantage to VoIP is that it can integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which allows you to quickly notate customers’ food allergies, seating preferences, and favorite meals, all connected to your phone system. Another possibility is adding the day’s specials using text-to-speech for when customers call in. Text-to-speech allows you to type in what is needed and, in natural-sounding language, reads out in the phone queue. 

These are just the beginning of the possibilities to make a more memorable customer experience. What actions could you make easier with these features? 

Flexibility and Redundancy 

With VoIP, your implementation options are numerous. Do you have multiple locations? It’s not a problem; one system can connect all locations for easy management. Do you want to offer video calling for the visually impaired? You bet you can. The idea is to make the impossible possible. You have an access-from-anywhere management console that allows you to see how busy the phones are; route calls to different locations if there is a power outage and more from wherever you are. The best phone system for restaurants is an owner’s dream come true. 

Improved Personal Touch 

Incorporating your CRM and caller ID, for example, a customer’s information is quickly pulled up, and you can jump right in and call them by their first or last name. Another example is that while taking a call for a new reservation, the host could quickly pull up their past visits and help personalize their visit without the customer making a fuss. Could it be their anniversary? If noted in the CRM, something as simple as a “happy anniversary” from the host or wait staff would make such an incredible experience. 

Minimal Maintenance 

Since you don’t need to run an IT department on top of running a restaurant, your provider can maintain a VoIP system, freeing up your time to focus on your business. They will handle updates, monitor for possible issues, and recommend IT improvements, all remotely and without needing to send people to your restaurant, possibly disrupting business operations. 

An Enhanced Business Phone System that Puts Your Customers First 

It’s time to get out of the old ways of running your communications and embrace the revolutionary power of VoIP. Usher in the best customer experience with the ultimate phone system for restaurants. The best part is that you don’t have to do this alone. Rhode Island Telephone is your southern New England local provider, ready to help make this transition as easy as possible. Contact us today to see what customized solution we can build for you. 

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