How to Record a Greeting on an NEC Phone and Check Voicemail Message on an NEC Phone

How to Record a Voicemail Greeting on and NEC phone and Check Voicemail Message on an NEC Phone

In this month’s Telephone Quick Tip we’re showing you how to record a greeting on an NEC phone and check voicemail message on an NEC phone. With a few simple steps you can learn to use the voicemail feature on your phone. These instructions apply to the NEC SV8100/9100 phone system.

How to Record A Greeting on an NEC Phone

To record a voicemail greeting:

  • Press the voicemail button on your phone. It appears as VMSG on the screen.
  • Press Greeting
  • Press Greeting number one (Gr1)
  • Press Record to record your message

Follow the prompts on the screen to save your message and hang up the phone.

Your voicemail message will now be set. You may notice that you can record and set three different greetings to be used when you need them. Most users only have one voicemail greeting, but you can create a message for a holiday or for a time when you’ll be out of the office and activate it when you need it. This allows you to have different messages ready without having to keep recording a new message.

How to Check Voicemail Message on an NEC Phone

The red light is blinking on your phone and the screen says that you have a new message. We’ll show you how to check voicemail message on an nec phone.

  • Press the voicemail (VMSG) button
  • Press the listen (LSTN) button

The message will play and you will be provided with options like rewind, fast forward, pause, delete, and more via the prompts on the display screen.

Video Instructions: How to Record A Greeting on an NEC Phone and Check Voicemail Message on NEC Phone

If you prefer a visual explanation for how to use your voicemail, Carlos will walk you through the steps.  

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