How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Dental Office in New England 

Running a dental office in New England is no easy feat. From keeping those pearly whites shining to ensuring appointments run like clockwork, communication is vital. But have you ever considered the impact your phone system might have on your practice? If not, let’s walk through a few simple questions to help you figure out if your current system is helping you or hurting you:  

  • Do patients gripe about busy signals or long hold times?  
  • Have you noticed more cancellations or no-shows due to poor communication?  
  • Does your phone system glitch during peak call times?  
  • Are you struggling to integrate your phone system with other tools or patient systems?  
  • Do you spend more time troubleshooting phone issues than focusing on patients?  
  • Is updating your system difficult, taking too much time out of your day?  

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then it’s time to consider upgrading your phone system.   

5 Major Benefits of Upgrading to Modern Phone Systems for Dental Offices 

1) Major Communication Improvements  

Ever wish your phone system could do more than just ring? Well, with a modern upgrade, it can. Modern phone systems are like the Swiss Army knife of communication.  

-Need to send appointment reminders and schedule follow-ups seamlessly? Check.  
-Want to streamline emergency communication for those unexpected toothaches? Double-check.  

Plus, you’ll have calling, faxing, and two-way texting wrapped up in one neat system with over 70 customizable features at your disposal. That’s the power of a cloud-based phone system from Rhode Island Telephone.  

2) Better Internal Efficiency  

Modern phone systems come loaded with features that can significantly improve your day-to-day operations. Imagine instantly routing calls to the correct person or having a voicemail system that automatically transcribes your messages. And these are just the start of the perks Rhode Island Telephone can offer your teams.  

3) Cost Savings of Up To 75%  

Traditional phone systems can weigh heavily on your budget with long-distance charges and confusing fees. But fear not! Modern VoIP phone systems can slash your costs by up to 75 percent. Why? Because it’s entirely cloud-based, eliminating long-distance charges and many unnecessary fees. Plus, providers like Rhode Island Telephone don’t make you pay extra for features like call forwarding, call recording, or voicemail transcription. Imagine the long-term savings and ROI it could bring!  

4) Advanced Technology Without Advanced Setup   

We know “advanced technology” can sound intimidating, but fear not! Modern phone systems like the ones offered by Rhode Island Telecom give you all the latest advancements without the headache of complex installations. And since the whole system is digital, you don’t need to install separate switches or worry about wiring!  

5) Features Designed to Improve Customer Care  

Your patients deserve the best, and a modern phone system delivers just that. Auto attendants greet and inform callers, advanced call routing allows you to send them to the right places even after business hours, and integration with practice management software gives you instant access to patient information. It’s not just a phone system – it’s a patient experience enhancer!  

How to Choose the Best Phone Systems for Dental Offices  

Now that you know the benefits of modern phone systems for dental offices, it’s time to talk about how you find the best ones. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.  

First, assess what your office needs and list them out so you know what to look for. Each office is unique, but in our experience, here are a few features you should look for:  

  • Simple scalability to accommodate growth. Make sure the system you choose allows you to easily add new users and numbers whenever you need them.  
  • Point-and-click dental software integration. Finding a phone system that plays nicely with your existing software makes caring for patients much easier.  
  • HIPAA compliance. Protecting patient data is non-negotiable. Your phone system should be a fortress of confidentiality, complying with HIPAA regulations to ensure that sensitive information stays secure.  
  • User-friendly interface. Choose a phone system with a user-friendly interface so that everyone in your office, from the receptionist to the dental hygienist, can use it without a manual.  

Second, go to Google and investigate different providers, especially their customer reviews and what they bring to the table. 

Third, decide if you will go with local or national providers. Each has its pros and cons, but local providers, like Rhode Island Telephone, know New England dental needs like the back of their hand, offering quick help and personalized support. On the flip side, big national providers might be a bit sluggish due to their size, lacking that hometown touch and causing potential service delays. Choose wisely!  

Fourth, when you find a system that looks like it would do the trick, don’t be shy – ask for a demonstration! And be sure to bring the list you made in step one to the meeting.  

Get Top-tier Phone Systems for Dental Offices With Rhode Island Telephone  

Choosing the right phone systems for dental offices is like finding the perfect toothbrush – it makes the daily routine smoother and keeps everyone smiling. And Rhode Island Telephone’s got you covered. Choosing us means choosing:  

  • Unwavering Commitment to Local Businesses. Rhode Island Telephone is committed to supporting local businesses with our New England know-how.  
  • Hyper-Personalized Support. Benefit from quick response times and personalized support tailored to dental offices in the region.  
  • Solutions Designed with You in Mind. Just like no two molars are the same, no two dentist offices are the same. And we know that! This is why Rhode Island Telephone customizes our solutions to meet your specific needs.  

Ready to upgrade to a modern, local phone system with Rhode Island Telephone? Reach out to us today, and we’ll make your practice shine as bright as your patients’ smiles!

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