Business and Workplace Safety with Enhanced 911 Calling

With enhanced 911 calling emergency response time could be faster and save live in a workplace incident

For businesses of all sizes safety in the workplace is a top priority. Enhanced 911 calling features, also known as E911, can protect your employees and assets in the event of an emergency.

Depending on the type of product or service offered within your company, the steps you take to keep your employees safe may vary, but having a plan is always a great place to start. Since emergencies happen no matter how prepared you are, taking extra precautions by enhancing your communication efforts may help save lives or protect your business assets.

Added Protection for Your Employees

Knowing that many of our customers already have a business and workplace safety plan in place, we’re excited to introduce a new feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your business and staff. Our enhanced 911 calling feature is an emergency management application that is now available to all our customers that have monthly service contracts. There are no additional fees for this service. Here’s how it works:

  1. You are able to create alert groups when 911 calls are placed within your workplace.
  2. When a number in your business dials 911 and is connected to one of these alert groups, all contacts in the group are notified and can listen to the call as it takes place. For safety reasons, and to not interrupt the emergency call taking place, the alert group will not be able to interact directly with the caller or the 911 operator. You will be able to speak with other members of the alert group who have called in.

Enhanced 911 calling also automatically provides the caller’s location to 911 dispatchers so they can send response to your business immediately.

Example of Enhanced 911 Calling

  1. Your employee Bob calls 911. The operator answers the call.
  2. Your employees, Jane and Jack, are in Bob’s 911 alert group and receive a text message notifying them that Bob has dialed 911. Jane and Jack both call the provided number and enter the provided PIN found in the text message, which allows them to listen to the 911 call live and speak to each other.
  3. Bob and the 911 operator can only speak to each other and cannot hear Jane and Jack.

Why Do You Need this Emergency Management Feature

If your business has many employees or multiple locations, it can be difficult to know what is happening throughout all of your office spaces. Having a 911 alert group allows multiple individuals or departments to be aware of what’s going on and prepare to assist or direct emergency personnel and your employees in their time of need. Likewise, if you’re a small business with employees in and out of the office, or working on the road, your 911 alert list will ensure someone can let responders in the building or better direct them on premise when time is of the essence.

Because the alert group can be set up to receive text messages, phone calls, or an email notification it’s an easy and practical application for any business. Think of all the instances where increased communication would be critical, like an office fire, a biohazard incident, or an intruder in your office location. This feature can save lives by leading employees out of harms way or containing the situation to a particular area of the workplace while letting emergency responders get to the situation faster and safer.

Activating this Feature to Enhance Business and Workplace Safety

This enhanced 911 calling feature is now included in your monthly service bill at no additional cost. However, you will need to request this feature to be activated. Please call our support team so we can set up your alert group and demonstrate the functionality to the users.

There’s no better way to have peace of mind than to take this step to ensure a safer environment for your staff and business property.   

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