Secure VoIP Service with TLS Encryption

Secure VoIP Service with TLS Encryption

Providing a secure VoIP service is our priority. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) customers now have access to an added layer of protection using our services. This new network security feature is called Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption which helps prevent call interception and protects your privacy.

We’ve outlined important information about how it works and what you need to do to ensure your safety moving forward.

What is the purpose of TLS Encryption?

TLS Encryption is a security protocol that helps protect your privacy and data security. Because VoIP communication works through the internet, this security feature uses techniques to authenticate servers and data through communicating web applications, preventing hackers from listening in on calls and retrieving information they shouldn’t have access to. TLS encryption protects against many different cyber attacks, including:

  • DDoS attacks: a method of cyberattack that could end up costing a business millions of dollars.  
  • Stealing Wi-Fi passwords.   
  • Toll fraud: using your phones and services to make long distance calls and racking up charges.

With this security protocol you don’t have to wonder if you have a secure VoIP service. You are being protected.

How Does TLS Encryption work with VoIP?

Your VoIP phone has two standard protocols: SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which acts as a “handshake” by creating a connection with another phone or phone system and opens and closes your phone calls; and RTP (Real time Transport Protocol), which is your VoIP audio or video data. When making a VoIP call, these two components are always at play. You need both for your call to transmit properly.

During a VoIP phone call, the SIP and RTP connections can be easily intercepted by parties trying to do harm. Imagine having a private conversation with a coworker in your office, but unknown to you someone is outside the door listening in and potentially compromising confidential information. This is exactly what hackers can do during an unsecure VoIP call.

To ensure the privacy of your calls, SIP (your “handshake”) is encrypted with TLS connection to become SIPS, or SIP Secure. RTP (your voice and data) becomes SRPT, or Secure RPT, to protect the information that gets transferred. With TLS enabled, your user’s names, phone numbers, and contents of your call are hidden and unable to be retrieved by prying eyes and ears.

Take Action to Secure VoIP Service

We know how important it is to have a reliable and secure communication system, your business depends on it. Because technology is changing rapidly, we are always working to enhance security so you don’t have to worry.

If you’re a current VoIP customer, with an on-premise phone system or using our CloudWorx hosted service, TLS encryption is available to you at no additional charge. You must contact us to activate this feature on your phone system. New customers will have this feature automatically available upon installation.

If you have questions or concerns about network security or how to ensure a secure VoIP service, please feel free to contact our team for further assistance.

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