What is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

What is a UPS Uninterruptible power supply: it can keep your employees working during outages

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering what is a UPS uninterruptible power supply? A UPS could significantly benefit your company because UPS devices save businesses from major data losses and equipment damage during power surges or blackouts using a battery backup system. A UPS can mean the difference between surviving a power surge gracefully and losing vital company and client information.

What is a UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Device?

A UPS device keeps a computer running for a short time after it loses its primary power source. A UPS uses battery power to seamlessly transition your device from its primary power source to the UPS. The time a UPS gives you after a power outage enables you to save data you’re working on, exit properly, and shut down your system. This prevents data loss and computer damage caused by a sudden outage.

How Does a UPS Power Supply Work? 

1. The UPS battery connects to the wall socket on one end and to the device on the other end.

2. During normal power use, electricity flows from the wall socket, converts from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), and charges the UPS battery. The current goes through the battery and into the device via the reverse – converting DC to AC.

3. When something interrupts the power supply to the wall socket, the UPS battery releases its stored energy, powering the device in lieu of power from the primary source.

4. When power is restored, it recharges the UPS battery so it’s prepared for the next outage. A UPS is much more than a battery pack or alternative power source – it’s a safety net. It can give your company peace of mind, even in bad storms or during power line construction. With a UPS, you won’t lose precious time, money, or clients because of an unforeseen power loss.

How Uninterruptible Power Supply Works
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Does Your Small Business Need a UPS?

While not all businesses necessarily need a UPS device, they can significantly help businesses that rely heavily on information technology (IT) equipment. A UPS device protects expensive technological equipment from surge damage, preventing costly computer repairs. It offers continuous working power to fuel your devices with zero downtime – giving you peace of mind for short surges and power outages.

A UPS device can lend critical extra time to back up files, systems, and data and keep business running as usual when power returns. Finally, UPS is a worthwhile investment due to the reasonable cost of the product compared to the massive potential costs of losing and having to recreate critical data.

How to Obtain an Uninterruptible Power Supply

You can purchase an off-the-shelf UPS and perform the technical installation yourself, but there is no guarantee the product will work properly. Avoid the hassle and potential pitfalls of trying to determine factors such as UPS battery power calculations and installation procedures by trusting an IT vendor instead.

An IT vendor, such as Rhode Island Telephone, will come to your location and conduct a site survey, taking an inventory of the equipment needing to utilize the UPS. This may include computers, telephones, and peripheral tech items such as printers, networks, servers, and security equipment. Then, the vendor will assess the power ratings of your equipment in relation to UPS device capabilities.

The vendor will calculate your load requirement or the number of devices you can connect to a single UPS device without compromising quality. The vendor will give you an estimate of how many UPS devices you need and their duration based on how long you need to keep the connected devices running. 

With something as important as your company’s files, customer data, and reputation, don’t create your UPS system yourself. Purchase UPS products and work with a trusted vendor to properly install and test your devices. Stop wondering, what is a UPS uninterruptible power supply, and setup a consultation with our team!


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