Redundancy Options for Small Business Internet

October 4, 2018

Also known as a dual connection, a redundant Internet connection is there to back up your primary connection, so your company always has at least one Internet connection at all times. A dual connection creates multiple paths to the Internet, ensuring you have a steady stream of the Internet in case one connection slows or […]

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The Benefits of Doing Business with a Local VoIP Provider

September 27, 2018

When the time comes to choose a telephone provider for your new business premises, that’s one of the things you need to take care of. You need to find an office space to rent, and then open accounts for water, electricity, telephone, Internet, and other “boring” stuff. Using your cell phone for business is no […]

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Making an Emergency VoIP Redundancy Plan

September 13, 2018

VoIP phone system can offer a lot to both small companies and international businesses, but it does have its weak spots. One vulnerability is the Internet connection which has several legitimate reasons to justify the possible interruptions. And that often makes people doubt whether the whole VoIP phone endeavor is worth engaging in. Before we […]

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Cat5E vs Cat6

July 16, 2018

“What? Seven minutes? That’s nothing, I can download it twice as faster.” An Internet connection is something we can’t imagine living without because we use for everything from getting information to booking a flight to ordering food. And if you like online gaming, a fast and stable Internet connection is a must-have. Even though your […]

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Auto Attendant Employee Debrief

4 Tips for Auto Attendant Best Practices

May 19, 2017

An auto attendant is a widely popular business tool that introduces the company and directs callers to the appropriate extension without speaking with a receptionist. Auto attendant best practices are important to keep in mind – clarity, brevity, and ease of use. This useful business tool helps reflect an air of professionalism, something paramount when making a […]

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How to Determine the Right Small Business Phone System for You

April 20, 2017

Determining which small business phone system to use can be overwhelming. With so many options and vendors out there, it’s difficult to determine which one truly meets the goals of your business. At RI Telephone, we see each business owner and his or her company as individual entities. We work to unite you with the […]

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