Finding the best small business phone system

How to Determine the Right Small Business Phone System for You

April 20, 2017

Determining which small business phone system to use can be overwhelming. With so many options and vendors out there, it’s difficult to determine which one truly meets the goals of your business. At RI Telephone, we see each business owner and his or her company as individual entities. We work to unite you with the […]

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medical office phone system

Medical Office Phone System: Is VoIP the Right Choice?

March 27, 2017

Seamless communication allows for a higher standard of patient care, which is why health care professionals are turning to voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems.

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Multi-site VoIP

3 Benefits of A Multi-Site VoIP Solution

November 15, 2016

A multi-site VoIP solution is great for businesses with many locations. Implementing a cloud based VoIP system for your business can seamlessly bridge the gap between multiple sites, save your organization money, and easily connect your workforce to each with the press of a button. 

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Fax to email service makes it easy to share important information

Fax to Email Service: Making Your Business More Efficient

September 16, 2016

For years, the fax machine was a crucial appliance for every office. It allowed us to send paperwork faster than through the mail, but with the birth and development of the internet, email quickly outpaced and eventually rendered the fax machine all but irrelevant. However, many modern businesses still rely on paperwork, and fax machines still have a role to play. Fax to email service solutions can help organize the clutter.

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