Green Technology: VoIP and the Environment

Green technology: voip and the environment

When you think of going green you probably think about recycling, using less water, and composting or creating your own garden. You should also be thinking about green technology, which offers you another way to reduce your footprint both at home and in your business.

VoIP and the Environment

In a lot of ways VoIP and the environment go hand in hand. Like electric cars, LED lighting, and solar panels all work to reduce emissions, find new sources of energy, or improve outdated technology, the concept of cloud-hosted VoIP is similar.

When outdated landline technology is out of the picture, VoIP technology replaces it with benefits that can help the environment and improve your business productivity. That’s a win-win!

How is VoIP Considered Green Technology?

Your outdated analog phone may be keeping you connected, but it’s not doing any good for the environment.  As global warming and sustainability issues begin to take center stage in the news and have a greater impact on our planet, you should consider VoIP as your environmentally conscious solution. VoIP is considered a green technology for these reasons:

Remote Working

With employees stationed at home with easy access cloud-hosted VoIP and BYOD, there’s no longer a need to commute to the office, reducing the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. With no office location or reduced time spent in the office you’re also helping to reduce energy consumption.

Reduced Paper Use

With fax-to-email services, video conferencing, and overall reliance on digital communication there is less of a need to use paper or save paper files. Think of all the trees you’re saving!  

Reuse Equipment

If your business transitions to VoIP technology, in some cases you can mix and match older phones with newer phones or use your own cell phone to conduct business. This is a great way to keep items out of the landfill. Sustainable solutions for getting rid of equipment that you can’t use (but still operate) includes reselling online, or some service providers may be able to buy them back from you to reuse.  

Minimal Hardware

One of the many benefits of cloud-hosted VoIP is that it requires minimal on-site hardware since it operates through a server that the provider maintains. VoIP turns the voice signals to data packets and transmits those through the internet. In turn, this reduces the carbon footprint of your business. Minimal hardware requirements ultimately mean less waste compared to a traditional landline system.

If your business increases or decreases, the system can easily accommodate these changes without equipment. It can be as simple as installing or uninstalling an app from your phone! A traditional phone system would require adding, removing, or maintaining wiring (which also has an impact on the environment).

Green Technology Solution

VoIP has many great benefits for businesses of all sizes. For companies that want to prepare for the future and have an interest in reducing environmental impact, then VoIP is your best option. When you go green, you get green: save the environment and receive cost-savings that put more “green” in your pocket!

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