4 Major Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

September 20, 2018

Every organization relies on communication, regardless of its sector or size. It’s what helps to keep their employees productive, engaged, and satisfied with their work. Companies can significantly benefit from VoIP solutions because they have the potential to improve performance for companies. What companies need to decide is whether they should go with cloud-based or […]

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5 Key Features to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Phone System

July 20, 2018

Old telephone lines are history because, with today’s digital technology, you can opt for a VoIP phone system that is more flexible and comes with many other features. Many businesses (and even households) have decided that their traditional phone systems are obsolete, so the telephone industry kept following their change in needs. With a VoIP […]

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Cloud Hosted VoIP

May 15, 2017

A key part of running a business involves identifying system inefficiencies and developing solutions to improve upon them. For modern businesses, traditional phone systems could be a contributing factor to these issues, while creating unnecessary expenses for your company during the process. These systems are notoriously expensive, difficult to keep updated, require a skilled staff to manage, […]

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Cable vs. Fiber Internet: How to Determine Which is Best For Your Small Business

January 24, 2017

Businesses need to know that their internet service is up to snuff when it comes to meeting today’s high demand for fast, consistent connections. Most businesses use cloud-based applications, video conferencing software, and VoIP – all of which rely on strong, fast internet connections. It’s vital to verify that your contract with your internet service provider fully covers your company’s needs.

Rhode Island Telephone offers consultation services for customers with internet connection concerns. If you’re not sure if your setup is performing up to your expectations, we can inspect your system and review your contract to ensure your business is getting its money’s worth. You can’t afford to simply deal with poor performance when it comes to your internet connection!

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Looking to Grow Your Business? Move to Cloud-Based Solutions

December 30, 2016

The technological landscape is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to business. Companies must be both agile and scalable to keep pace with technological changes.

For those of us who remember the bygone days of transferring documents to floppy disks and e-mailing ourselves files to work on outside the office, cloud technology may seem like magic. But it’s a magic more and more businesses are relying on, opting to make the switch to the cloud.

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4 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Small Business Trends

December 15, 2016

The ways in which we store data, share information, and hold conversations are fundamentally different than they were just 10 years ago, and why shouldn’t they be? Since the dawn of the telegraph, communication technology has been developing and improving non-stop. 100 years ago, landlines were scarce amenities owned by a lucky few, but today, they’re being phased out for increasingly popular alternatives like VoIP. This is as true in homes around the world as it is in business.

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