How to Enhance Patient Experience with RIT’s VoIP Solution for Dentists

How to Enhance Patient Experience with RIT's VoIP Solution for Dentists

In the dental industry, patient experience is at the center of all you do. Your patient’s journey often begins with a phone call, which sets the stage for how they’ll feel about your practice in the long term. Was the call easy to make? Did the person who answered the call make you feel valued while responding to your request? It’s all important. When patients have positive experiences, they are more likely to continue coming to your practice and recommend you to others. Remember, word-of-mouth advertising drives six trillion dollars in annual global spending and is responsible for 13 percent of all sales!  Below, we’ll discuss the role of a highly effective phone system in your dental office and the advantages it provides you with.  

The Role of Phone Solutions in Patient Experience 

A good phone system ensures clear and transparent communication internally with your team and externally with patients, other providers, and vendors. What is it responsible for though? 

Building Trust 

A reliable phone system from Rhode Island Telephone helps build trust with patients by making it easy for them to have detailed discussions about treatment options and plans. This ensures that both dental staff and patients are on the same page. 

Improving Productivity 

VoIP solutions can help your dental practice drastically increase your team’s productivity by putting all the communication systems—phone calls, audio/video meetings, and instant messages—into one platform. This way your team has consistent access to accurate information and resources, especially for distributed teams. VoIP solutions also has various automation options that can complete tasks faster like resolving customer service tickets and managing voicemail. 

Support For Remote Teams 

Phone systems should have features like video conferencing, and collaboration applications facilitate better collaboration and responsiveness within your dental team. This makes it much easier for remote teams to thrive.  

 Rhode Island Telephone’s Communication Solutions  

We offer a host of communication solutions to enhance your patients’ experience from the first interaction to the last. 

CloudWorx and On-Premises VoIP: Flexibility to Fit Your Practice   

CloudWorx is a 100 percent cloud-based business solution that eliminates the need to manage or monitor your phone systems onsite actively; instead, our expert team takes the reins, providing installation, training, and ongoing management. 

If you’re looking for a more hands-on solution, RIT also provides options to support organizations that prefer that kind of approach. You could use your current hardware with the new VoIP solution or upgrade both your system and hardware at the same time, making it ideal for companies of all sizes.   

Advanced Security Features  

Rhode Island Telephone’s VoIP solutions come with several options for security measures, ensuring that your communication system is protected against potential threats. From Transport Layer Security  to Secure Real-time Transport Protocol encryption, you can keep every conversation secure. 

A Full Suite of Services 

We offer more than just phone calls. Our full suite of services includes business texting, 4G phone internet backup, CRM integration, email fax, top-quality video meetings, and more to ensure you have the tools your team needs to succeed. 

Streamlined Appointment Management Appointment 

Having an accurate schedule is incredibly important to delivering a great patient experience. Having the ability to easily schedule appointments and get reminders for appointments and billing improves the connection between you and your patient’s long term. 

If your dental practice is ready to upgrade its phone system and patient experience, contact us today. 

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