NEC Phone Call Forwarding to Cell Phone

NEC phone call forwarding to cell phone

This Telephone Quick Tip about NEC phone call forwarding to cell phone is the perfect tip if you’re headed out of the office and don’t want to hand out a personal number. If you’re on the road and still want to take calls, your office can forward to any outside phone number.

How To Complete NEC Phone Call Forwarding to Cell Phone

 To transfer the active call to an outside number:

  • Make sure your carrier (Verizon, Comcast, Cox, etc.) allows you to do three-way calling (most carriers do allow this).
  • While you’re on the call, press the RECALL button on the NEC phone. This button acts as a flash key and places the call on hold.
  • You will hear a dial tone, dial the phone number where you want the call to go.
  • You can wait to hear a ring to ensure the call goes through or you can simply hang up.

                The call that came through your NEC office phone will now be directed to the outside number.

Video instructions: NEC Phone Call Forwarding to Cell Phone

This is a very simple tip that has many great benefits. Sometimes it’s easier to see it in action. Watch the video below to see Carlos walk you through the steps. You can leave your questions in the video comments section and leave suggestions for future phone tutorials that you would like to see.

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