Changes for NEC Phone Users

Changes for NEC Phone Users

Rhode Island Telephone customers utilizing NEC phone systems, particularly UNIVERGE SV9100 on-premise communication platform and associated on-premises applications should be aware of upcoming changes.

NEC Corporation recently announced the End of New System Sales (EON) and End of Add-On-Sales (EOA) for the phone systems listed above. With changes to communications systems over the years that are driving the needs of customers, as of December 31, 2024 no new product, hardware, licenses, or support and maintenance services will be fulfilled by NEC.

What Does This Mean for RI Telephone Customers?

It is not uncommon to see phone systems, like Toshiba, Samsung, and Panasonic for examples, reach end of life as technology evolves. Rhode Island Telephone is prepared for this change and we are aware that many of our customers are using UNIVERGE SV9100 on-premise communication platform. We will continue to support customers with these phone systems. While parts and services will no longer be available through NEC, we have available telephone parts in stock and technicians to help you with your phone service for the foreseeable future.

What Your Business Should Do?

Right now your business doesn’t need to do anything. Your phone system will work normally. If you experience issues with your NEC phone system, your business should contact Rhode Island Telephone support immediately.

While we have parts to continue to service your phone system, and you may also see parts available on third-party websites, these parts will become more challenging to find as NEC discontinues the products mentioned. We encourage you to make a plan for your communication system.

NEC Phone Users Switching to A VoIP Solution

As phone systems phase out, we are continuously seeing brands like NEC move to VoIP products. We expect this trend to continue as the industry moves away from premise-based systems. A business, like yours, may choose to move to this technology for many reasons. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Hybrid work models
  • Advanced features and integration

Our Cloudworx VoIP phone system can support your business communication needs into the future. We have additional resources on our website and information about why businesses are investing in VoIP, which we encourage you to review. We also offer a FREE E-BOOK that outlines all the steps to consider before switching to VoIP.

Additional Options for NEC Phone Users

We recognize that some businesses may not want a VoIP product. Our expert technicians can help you make an informed and cost-effective decision about the right phone system for your organization as we have a variety of business phone solutions.

Feel free to reach out to our Rhode Island Telephone support staff. We will continue to update our valued customers with any changes as they come through from other phone brand providers.

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