Emergency Response vehicle responding to a business or workplace

Business and Workplace Safety with Enhanced 911 Calling

August 24, 2021

Business and workplace safety is a top priority no matter the size of your organization. Find out how our enhanced 911 calling feature can help maintain safety for your employees and property.

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Internet Powered Credit Card Machine

How an Internet Powered Credit Card Machine Cuts Costs

March 16, 2017

o use an internet powered credit card machine or not? That’s a good question!

As a small business owner, configuring your payment processing system is one of the most critical steps. When you set up credit card machine, one important question comes up: should you use a dial-up phone line or leverage your existing internet connection? While some small businesses still use dial-up, these days there are many advantages to using an internet connection.

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redundant internet connection helps secure all your devices

Protect Your Small Business with a Redundant Internet Connection

February 21, 2017

A redundant internet connection is a contingency plan that will help you avoid business operation interruption, prevent loss of data, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Implementing internet redundancy serves to protect your business and keep it operational.

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What is a UPS Uninterrupted power supply: it could keep your employees and business operating during an emergency

What is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

February 8, 2017

If you own a small business or startup, you need to learn about uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. UPS devices save businesses from major data losses and equipment damage during power surges or blackouts using a battery backup system. A UPS can mean the difference between surviving a power surge gracefully and losing vital company and client information.

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