Is a Cloud Hosted VoIP Solution Best for a Small Business?

cloud hosted voip solution

If you’re asking yourself if a cloud hosted VoIP solution is the best for your business, then you’re in luck. Thanks to new cost-saving technology, many people are saying goodbye to traditional landlines. Advanced VoIP hosted telephone technologies offer many advantages over the traditional phone system, leading to its increasing popularity. 

As a small business owner, we know that you are concerned with growing your business as efficiently as possible. We also know that making a big change can often be a daunting task, but with the right support, choosing a cloud hosted VoIP system can provide greater benefits in the long-run.

So, what questions should you be asking before you make the switch? Our team of experts have come up with answers to four of the most common questions we get when customers switch from a traditional service to a cloud hosted VoIP solution. 

4 Common Questions When Switching to a Cloud Hosted VoIP Solution

Q: Why should I switch to a cloud based VoIP solution?

A: The only thing your new cloud hosted VoIP system is dependent on is cloud technology and an internet connection. Avoiding the management of a complex phone infrastructure is a primary reason why small businesses choose a cloud hosted VoIP solution. With a cloud-based system, your provider should offer 24/7 monitoring, ongoing maintenance, and redundant data centers to ensure everything’s running smoothly. In the event of a power failure or other business-impacting events, calls can be automatically routed to alternative phones or voicemail.

Q: Will my company lose all of the phone features that we are used to if we switch to a cloud hosted VoIP system?

A: These systems offer a unique mix of low cost communication with all of the features of an expensive enterprise-level system. With most cloud hosted VoIP technology, you are able to keep your existing phone numbers – meaning you won’t miss any critical customer communication or lose business due to new number confusion. In addition, you will still have access to your favorite phone features and might even get a few more! From conference calling to email transcription, switching to cloud hosted VoIP solution is often a step up in terms of technology and features. 

Q: Will switching to Cloud VoIP save me money?

A: Cloud VoIP use is growing and the costs are coming down. In fact, many small businesses that switched over have reduced the cost of their local calls by anywhere up to 50 percent. One of biggest cost saving aspects of a cloud hosted VoIP system is not needing to have an IT team on staff to manage and service the system. Depending on your cloud VoIP provider, you may even receive long-term savings such as free system management, automatic upgrades, and zero maintenance costs.

Q: Is it really worth switching to a cloud hosted VoIP solution?

A:  As the owner of a small business, you have to juggle the day-to-day needs, while also planning for the future success of your company. The last thing you want to deal with is phone system that needs to be overhauled each time you add a new employee or open another location. A cloud hosted VoIP solution is not only easy to install, complete with state-of-the-art features that saves money, but it can also help drive the overall performance of your business.

Cloud hosted VoIP phone systems provide many features that will be beneficial to your business, such as video conference calls, call forwarding, fax-to-email service, and much more! After all, a lot of research has indicated that those prompted to leave voicemails simply hang up and never call back. VoIP can help you to never miss a call ever again. Additionally, cloud-based business phone systems tend to use energy much more efficiently than traditional phone systems, making it a green choice for your company.

Transitioning to a Cloud Hosted VoIP Solution

While these questions may only be the beginning of your journey to a new phone system, our skilled technicians can provide more customized answers about CloudWorx, our cloud hosted solution.

As a local VoIP provider, there are many benefits to using our services. Request a free quote today to find out more about switching to a cloud based VoIP system! 

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